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Commercial Mortgage Services

Mississauga Mortgage Agent

I will work closely with you to put a solution together that suits your project needs. Whether you are a first-time real estate investor or you are looking to expand, I have a mortgage solution for you.

Some examples of commercial properties I assist with:

  • Commercial & Retail Plaza Financing
  • Industrial Development Financing
  • Builder & Development Financing
  • Land Development Financing
  • Condominium Construction Financing
  • Business Capital Financing
  • Multi-unit Complex Financing
  • Commercial Repositioning & Renovation Financing
  • Recreational Real Estate Financing
  • Small Business Financing
  • How will a commercial loan help me?
    When you decide to become self employed a commercial loan will help you in reducing your financial burden by providing you a loan on your commercial property. It saves you from digging into your savings.
  • How the lenders decide the loan amount?
    The loan amount is decided by value of the property, the size of the deposit that you are offering and the ratio between your LTV (loan to value) and the amount to be approved.
  • Are there any limitations on the loan amount?
    No, you can apply for any amount but it will depend on the assessment as to how much the lender is willing to approve.


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